Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Saltimbocca" Pork Loin with Lemon Sauce

Saltimbocca is a classic Italian dish consisting of thinly-pounded veal scallopine wrapped in sage leaves and prosciutto. The veal is cooked in a skillet and afterwards, a white wine based sauce is made by deglazing the skillet. There are various versions of preparing saltimbocca depending on the regions of Italy. It is common to use chicken breasts and pork loins as a substitute for veal.  

For this dish, I did not thinly pound the pork loin, instead I left it as a whole, rubbed in sage powder, covered with slices of prosciutto, and roasted in the oven. After roasting, all these drippings left on the baking pan are used to make a flavourful lemon white wine sauce. Simple, juicy and flavour-packed, no wonder saltimbocca translated means jump in the mouth!

Serves 4-6
Preparation Time: 5 mins
Roasting Time: about 30 mins
Printable Recipe


1 1/2 lb pork loin
10-12 slices of prosciutto
about 2 tbsp ground sage
Ground pepper

Lemon Sauce

1/2 cup chicken broth
2 tbsp white wine
about 1 tsp cornstarch
about 1 tsp cold water
2 tbsp lemon juice


1. Preheat oven to 425F.

2. Rub pork loin with ground sage and ground pepper. Lay slices of prosciutto on a surface, overlap the slices along the long edges.  Place pork loin at the center, fat side down.

3. Wrap pork loin with prosciutto and seal the edges. Lightly oil baking pan, place the wrapped pork loin seal-side down. Roast for about 30 mins until the internal temperature reaches 155F.

4. Transfer to a plate and cover with aluminum foil. Let it rest for 15 mins before slicing.

5. Meanwhile, prepare lemon sauce.

6. Drain fat from pan. Pour in chicken broth and white wine. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, scraping up browned bits. In a small bowl, combine cornstarch with cold water to make a slurry. Stir into sauce with lemon juice and simmer until thick.

7. Slice pork loin. Serve with rice, mashed potatoes or white bean purée.


  1. My hubby will happily have this dish anytime,he loves pork..

  2. excellente cuisson!!!
    et cette sauce qui l'accompagne doit être divinement bonne
    ps: pour mes tartelettes au pamplemousse, elles n'ont pas la couleur rose car en ajoutant le sucre et les œufs le rosé du pamplemousse disparait
    bonne journée

  3. Looks delicious, Victor! Haven't had Saltimbocca with pork yet, just chicken and loved it. I love that you added mushrooms! So good!

  4. Mouthwateringly good. Fantastic recipe, thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow looks drool worthy~ Especially with the wrapped prosciutto, oh the flavour! Gah, need to try this soon :P

  6. What a great take on saltimbocca! Thanks for the inspiration...I'll be trying this soon.

    PS...I'm your newest follower....thanks so much for visiting my blog. My dad is also a physicist...and he wanted my oldest to apply to McGill (even though we're in the states!).

  7. Wow! Looks really delicious and fantastic with the sauce. Leaving the pork loin as a whole is a great idea! Wish I could have some for my dinner!

  8. I have never prepared saltimbocca myself. The pork looks so juicy and tender.

  9. Very beautiful version of saltimbocca! I like lemon sauce in roasts!

  10. I am really impressed with your version of saltimbocca; looks impressive and worth trying. That lemony taste must be perfect with he pork.

  11. I've only had chicken saltimbocca. I love the idea of using a pork tenderloin - it looks fantastic!

  12. Veal saltimbocca is my husband's favorite dish, but I love that you made it with pork! I will have to try this some night and surprise him! Thanks, Victor. It looks absolutely delicious!

  13. Oh yum! That looks super delish. I have never prepared saltimbocca at home. This will make an appearance on my dinner table soon.

  14. I've always wanted to make something like this - but I was scared of it falling apart. Yours has turned out very well though, looks delicious (especially with the addition of sage powder!)

  15. This looks fantastic! It is a dish I've always been intimidated by - you make it look so easy!

  16. I have never had this, but I am sure it tastes wonderful. Just look at that lemony mushroom sauce...:)!!

  17. Mmmm, this sounds really good! I love the idea of a lemon sauce! Lemons are my favourite!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm flattered that you think it looks elegant! I love your blog! Especially the random aspect! It's so random!!! ;p


  18. The pork looks so tender Victor and for sure a great combination with the lemon sauce.

    At home, I make something similar but with chicken.

  19. I love how the sauce looks drizzled back over top. Looks moist and tasty.

  20. This sounds wonderful! I hope to try your recipe soon.

  21. Oh, prosciutto with a lemon that does sounds like a taste bud explosion, a great one!

  22. My husband was just here next to me and said he wants to eat this! Prosciutto wrap is such a wonderful idea. I like the lemon sauce too. We can't wait to try this Victor. Thanks for sharing!

  23. This looks absolutely delicious! I've made saltimbocca with chicken before, but never pork. Will definitely be giving this a try soon!

  24. That sauce would be fabulous on just about anything! :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  25. hi victor, i never seen anything like this before..very special!anybody who loves pork wld definately love this! great idea to enjoy double pork!!

  26. Beautiful dish. Your pork looks so juicy and tender.

  27. Looks absolutely incredible!



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