Monday, September 26, 2011

Grantchester, UK - The Orchard

I wasn't too sure how to structure my blog posts about my trip in UK as I visited over 30 cities/villages in three weeks, well it is more like two weeks since the first week I stayed mainly in Cambridge because of the conference. 

Wikitravel has been my ultimate reference for my travelling, choosing the best places to eat and the safest places to visit. Without this, I would still fear of travelling alone and probably would not able to visit several cities in a short amount of time. When looking for information about a city, it also mentions its neighboring cities that are worth visiting. The village of Grantchester had caught my attention because of its breathtaking countryside view, and it is tradition to have a cup of tea in The Orchard when staying in Cambridge. This very small village is located about three miles out of the city. You can get there by punt, walk, bike or take the city bus.

The Orchard, established in 1868, is known for its hand-sized scones, some say it is the best place to have scones in England. As the name suggests, it is an orchard of apples where one sits on a deckchair and have scones and tea under a tree. Lovely, isn't it?

The tea room is self-service like in a cafeteria where you grab a tray and get whatever you feel like eating. When having scones in the UK, you must smother it with clotted cream and jam. Clotted cream is a thick and rich cream, a bit like whipping cream but the taste is not the same. Clotted cream and jam is the perfect combination, the ultimate indulgence.

Stay tuned for my next post about Cambridge.


  1. Never tried clotted cream and jam - its dairy fat and jam - it should be delicious. I never knew the Brits were that obsessed with it

  2. it looks really relaxing sitting on that deck chair and having tea in the garden provided the weather's not hot..clotted cream..seen this but havent tried it..

  3. Scones with cream and jam sounds like a wonderful breakfast!



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