Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chunky Monkey

Sometimes when hosting appetizers night, you don't have to think outside the box. It can be as simple as picking up three ingredients available at home, combine it and serve it in small portions. A few days before the cooking session, my Taiwanese friend and I usually discuss the number of guests that are coming and dishes we will be making. So, for appetizer night, he told he wanted to make Chunky Monkey, which is, at first guest, an ice cream flavor available at Ben & Jerry. In fact, it is peanut butter and banana, rolled in a tortilla. This recipe is adapted from Chef at Home by Michael Smith.

Serves 2
Preparation Time : 2 minutes
Printable Recipe


1 large banana, peeled
creamy peanut butter
1 whole-wheat tortilla


1. Spread peanut butter uniformly over tortilla. Place one whole banana at the edge of the tortilla. Roll tightly and cut it crosswise into 1'' slices.


  1. Haha, I used to have this for lunch on days when I was really in a hurry!

    Try it with Nutella or chocolate spread for a dessert version!

  2. Fun! This is one my daughter will love. Valerie has a great idea with Nutella too.

  3. I only eat pb sandwiches with goodness I would polish that entire plate off! :)

  4. True, everything goes well with Nutella. I'll make it for sure.

  5. Oh that sounds interesting! I love banana PJ so I'm sure I will love this!

  6. Victor, Thank you for stopping by my blog!! I am going for the Nutella version. On many occasions I have been called un-American because I don't care for peanut butter. These look quick and easy to put together!! ~LeslieMichele
    PS I subscribed to your blog!



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