Thursday, July 16, 2009

Korean BBQ - Day 3

This is the first day of my attendance at the conference. This is like a dream for me, meeting the discoverer and leaders of my research field assemble in one place to give a 40-minutes talk on their current research. Many small and big discoveries were presented during the whole conference. So, I did learn a lot on how to improve my research.

My brother basically stayed at the hostel while I was at the conference and he met a few American from filmmaking and some Chinese students there to learn Korean. When I came back from the hostel around 6pm, the Americans decided to have some Korean BBQ. Anyone who knows about Korean BBQ, it is famous for the method of grilling marinated and non-marinated meat. As you can see in the picture below, the grill is built in the table. In this restaurant, before serving the food, they first bring a traditional brazier with hot charcoal and then top it with a barbecue grid depending on which meat you ordered.
On that day, we had a Korean speaker to order for us. The first order was strips of beef loin. I do not know exactly the Korean name of this dish, I'm waiting for confirmation.

The way to eat is to pick a piece of lettuce, add some side dishes and top it with the meat, and roll it up. Along with the lettuce wrap, you can enjoy with roasted garlic.

You can also enjoy the pig's blood soup with bean sprout in a hot stone pot.

The second order is thin strips of unsalted fat pork.

In any Korean BBQ restaurant, you can enjoy a famous South Korean alcoholic drink known as Soju. You can think of soju as half of the alcoholic content of vodka and it is primarly made from rice. You drink shots according to the traditional Soju drinking game and custom.

All in all, the course meal costs around 10,000 Won per person.



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