Saturday, July 11, 2009

Korean Food - Day 2 morning

We didn't eat cake for breakfast on the second day. We bought some bread at Crown Bakery near our hostel. It is one of the famous bakery chain along with Tous Les Jours bakery in Seoul. I must have forgotten to take the pictures of the breads. A large variety of breads can be bought and they even offer samples to taste.

This day, we decided to visit a few palaces in Seoul. The first one is not really consider as a palace but this is the location of the large bell known as Bosingak in the town of Jongno. We weren't sure if we can go inside to actually see the bell, it seems to be well guarded. The bell is only rung during New Year's Eve. Check wiki for more info.
Our next stop was to head for Deoksugung palace, about 15 mins of walk from Bosingak. It was exactly 9:58 AM, while my bro was taking a picture of me of the palace and the drum, the young woman in colorful dress (on the right) came to see me if I am willing to participate in the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony starting at 10:00AM. Weirdly, she knew that we were tourists as many people in the city think that we were Korean. She guessed that we were Americans, but she was close.

Basically, I have to hit the drum three times during the ceremony.

The ceremony relives the Joseon era with full of colorful costume and musical affair which lasts about 30 minutes.

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