Saturday, July 11, 2009

Korean Food - Day 2 afternoon

After the ceremony, we went to Insadong market about 30 minutes of walk. This market consists of shady streets, hidden alleys and underground bars. It mainly sells traditional Korean item. There is one special restaurant in which we are interested known as Sadongmyenok. Sadongmyenok serves the largest dumpling/gyoza you have ever seen. Only 3 of these mandu will make your meal guaranteed. If you compare the size of a typical chopped scallion to the mandu (top picture), you can convince yourself how large it is.

When we were in the market, it took us about 15 mins to find it, we asked at least 5 Korean to point us where its location. We passed back and forth the restaurant. No signs or indication that it is found in a hidden alley. Here is the picture of the alley, you can see why we can miss it easily.
Further in the alley...

Finally, we arrived at the restaurant.

In front of the restaurant, you can see a woman making large mandu skins.

Cooked mandu, ready to be served...

Two popular dishes make this restaurant famous : manduguk (mandu in a soup) and haemul pajeon (seafood pancake).
The seafood pancake is famous for its size, crispness and lots of seafood (oyster, octopus, squid, shrimp)

Along with the dishes, we get side dishes such as rice noodle in sesame oil, sliced jellyfish, and kimchi.

After eating all this great food, our stomach is fully full.

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  1. I have never liked dumplings, but that seafood pancake looks really interesting,



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