Saturday, July 18, 2009

Korean Fusion - Day 4 lunch

News: Probably some of you foodie already know, Martha Stewart has posted some quick recipes on her Twitter written within 140 characters.

The following day, after the morning conference, we went to another restaurant next to our hostel named Kook Dang. This restaurant is Korean fused with Western Cuisine. It seems that it is common to see some restaurant offer meals mixed with Occidental Cuisine in Seoul. The food display in front of this restaurant looks very attractive to dine in.

We basically chose the two most attractive dishes from the display. This is what I took. It is an omelette stuffed with rice combined with chilli paste, some chicken wings, one small tomato and coleslaw with melted strawberry ice cream (you read right!).

On my brother side, he took some fried pork cutlet in some gravy topped with cheese, along with white rice, coleslaw with melted strawberry ice cream, and two french fries. The side dishes were kimchi and white raddish. Kimchi from one restaurant to another taste all the same thing.

After the afternoon conference, we went for an excursion with the people at the conference at Changdeokgung. This palace is located in the heart of Seoul, it is famous for its beauty and perfect harmony with nature. It was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists can't go in the palace freely as they must be accompanied by a tour guide at specific time.

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  1. You're having a wonderful time over in Korea!Very beautiful view. I love food especially when travelling. I won't stop looking at the food wherever I go! ha ha! I'm not a heavy eater but I juz love it!



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