Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Korean Food - Day 1 morning

My brother and I had a great time in Seoul, South Korea from June 25 to July 6. We were in Seoul because I got an invitation to an international conference which lasted for 4 days. Since we set foot to this country, we also took our vacation, visiting tourist attractions and restaurants. We never tasted real Korean food before and we took the challenge to eat only at restaurants serving Korean food. We managed to avoid American fast food and Italian restaurant which are common in this country. Since my brother and I are not Korean, we chose restaurants where they have a decent English menu and good-looking food pictures. We went to restaurants suggested by Seoul's traveller guide by Lonely Planet. Korean food is all about spicy food, we don't usually eat that much spiciness. I will be posting about restaurant food for the next few days, no recipes will be posted.

We were living at Anam Hostel for 10 nights for only 12,000 Korean Won (about 12$ CAN) the night. The room is very small, about 5 by 2 meters, one bed, one library shelf and a desk, that's about it. The first visited restaurant is near our hostel and it was 7 am. We woke up very early because we can't sleep due to different time zone. We started our day going to this restaurant serving Korean traditional food. We asked the people around us which is the best dish that they serve here. They all pointed at the rice noodle balls soup as seen in the first picture. We basically order two of them.
Along with the rice noodle balls, there are lots of ingredients are added. I remember there were some fat minced pork, hot peppers, vegetables in a fish broth with hot paste.
Like in all Korean restaurant, small side dishes are served with the main dish. You can ask for refills as many times as you want. Here, there were white carrots in spicy sauce, tiny salted fish, seaweed, jalapeno along with a very sauce, rice and kimchi. We both tried kimchi which is basically a spicy fermented cabbage, we didn't like it at all. Sorry for the kimchi lovers. We basically ate all the less spicy and non-spicy side dishes along with the soup.
There were also large white raddish pieces which is slightly spicy.
Keep reading my post, there will be more tomorrow. If you see any errors about the content, feel free to comment.

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