Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Korean Food - Day 1 afternoon

After the Korean breakfast, we went for sightseeing at Namsangol Hanok Village. This village consisted of five Korean homes Each house represents social ranks of the society from peasant to the King. Traditional crafting is one thing to look for. These craftsmen use only straws to craft all sort of things such as shoes, baskets, storage, etc.

Further inside the village, they offer a large bowl of uncurdled tofu for only 1,000 Won. The tofu is cooked in a traditional Korean way.
I won't write too much of my journey in Seoul as you have experienced it yourself. After 2 hours of visit, my bro and I stopped by a snack stall just outside of the village. Deli-Manjoo are small yellow corn-shaped cakes with a custard filling. My tastebud is telling me that it is a pineapple custard, but I'm not too sure. It only cost 2,000 Won for 12 pieces.
Next, we went to Namsan Park where the Seoul Tower lies, it was about an hour of walk from the village.
Once you are on the top of Namsan Park, there is a whole wall of locks around the Tower. You can basically a lock for 500 Won at a stall, write any kind of message on it and lock it on the fence if you manage to find spaces.
At around 3 pm, there is a spectacular Martial Arts Performance and weaponery performer near the Seoul Tower.

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